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Richard Tate and the Beautiful Miracle Watts

Richard Tate, the owner of We Discover Stars is looking for the next prominent female tastemakers out of Dallas, TX.  Richard, the business partner of Mehgan James and business advisor to Miracle Watts, is coming to Dallas to look for the next big name.  Richard has worked with Mehgan James on her Whipped Hair Hairline and with Miracle on her Miracle Lash and Miracle Tresses beauty lines.  Additionally, our company marketing branding department has done marketing and collaborated with Dallas music artist Dorrough Music and Young Nation.


Who is Richard Tate?

  Our owner Richard Tate started life in the small underprivileged neighborhood of Fort Worth called Stop Six. However, he didn’t allow his small beginnings limit his life goals. He has been awarded a master degree in business, a master degree in engineering and a law degree, all obtained from top-tier schools.  Mr. Tate, pedigree is not his most defining trait.  Mr. Tate developed his ability for selecting talent at Prairie View when working with artists on ground level promotions that would eventually lead to over two million in sold singles.   Mr. Tate currently works will multimillion dollar companies to create websites, social media campaigns, and marketing.  Mr. Tate has now decided to give back to the community that helped to establish and build his business.  He is looking for the next big undeveloped star to build into a household name.  


What is We Discover Stars?

We Discover Stars is the brainchild of Richard Tate.  As a business entity under Richard Michael LLC, We Discover Stars operates with the sole purpose of developing undiscovered stars in the Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami and Los Angeles area, using social media, radio, and television.  We are experts in social media because we understand the matrix behind how things work on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.  We reinvented the talent agency to place the focus of our client brand building on social media marketing.  Our approach allows our clients to experience quick turnaround for their efforts.

 Other models in Dallas/Houston we have worked with

Selection date and location

The tastemakers or as we call our talents “Stars” will be hand selected by our owner Mr. Tate directly.  Our owner will interview two to five female tastemakers on Oct. 28, 2017, at the W Hotel conference area. 


Dorrough Music Collaboration

Additionally, we are working in conjunction with Dorrough Music and the E1 record label on our search for talent.   Our partnership with Dorrough Music will allow selected Taste Makers to be featured in his latest Music Video "Fiction," if they desire.  Being in the music video is not required.

Halloween Party

Since our talent search is on Halloween we have rented out a suite at the W Hotel for a gathering after the interview.  We will also be celebrating at multiple locations throughout Dallas including the Ghost Bar and W Hotel Pool. 

Awards for selected

We Discover Stars branding and marketing firm will help the selected female stars in Dallas to create a business plan, website, introduction video and social media strategy.  We do not guarantee success but ensure our clients have the tools and mindset needed to be successful and the social media-driven world of entertainment. 


  1. All models must register on wediscoverstars.com. To register, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Please send all your social media usernames, a very short description of your talent (modeling, socialite, or any other talent) or business, and contact information by October 20, 2017.  An agent from We Discover Stars will contact you if selected.  A mandatory in-person interview will be scheduled for October 28.  Stars will be informed via email within one week of the interview at the W Hotel.
  2. For more details visit wediscoverstars.com/talentsearch
  3. Stars that are accepted into the 2018 class of tastemakers will have a follow-up meeting to determine their social media personality, business plan and begin design of their website.


Thanks, for considering our talent search.

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