We Discover Stars


Our Story

We Discover Stars is a talent search company based in Houston, Texas.   We Discover Stars goal is to find and promote the best talent on social media.  We realize that just building a social media is not enough for our clients but taken the next step and generating revenue is the end goal.  

The process of generating revenue is complicated and includes many business and legal concepts which get in the way of our clients creative and day to day work.  We Discover Stars take away this complexity by handling the business and legal needs of our clients.  We have over ten years in the entertainment industry deal with platinum sells artist and social media personalities with over a million followers.     

We take our stars through the entire process of building an online presence that attracts paying clients.  Our team will help you create a business with all the needed legal documentation, create any required trademarks, develop and build your business website, create or enhance your social media pages, and develop your business plan.